Looking for a valve re conditioners

im looking for someone to recondition a air dryer and a compressor decent work at a good price

anyone got someone they use?


never heard of that been done thought they just chucked them in the skip now

Compressors are normally service exchange, air driers are normally throw away and fit a new one, but you can get some bits for them.

What vehicle is it? This sort of thing is really a thing of the past now.

Price the new ones spurious and compare costs because I find that reconditioning air valves is a thing of the past. It’s just not cost effective anymore. Unless you can do the labour yourself. Fitters don’t want to do it because it don’t involve a laptop.

The problem with any rebuild type kits is customers don’t like paying for the kit and the labour if they subsequently don’t work which is why it makes sense to fit a new part. Generally, if it can be done it’s better off leaving it to places remanufacturing these types of parts as a production line type operation with a quality control/testing regime of some sort. It’s not a good idea penny pinching on things that, when they fail, leave you stranded at the roadside.

When I used to do repairs for the fairgrounds I suppose that I stripped a few multi-circuit valves each year. I could never take an overhaul kit with me because nine times out of ten the valve’s tag number was missing; if I had the wrong one whose fault would that have been? I reckoned that in practically every case it would have been cheaper to have fitted a new unit because that could have been bought in advance from a dealer.

The things were not easy to get apart due to corroded, mullered and seized fixings. As soon as the oil soaked O-rings came into contact with fresh air they swelled up, each chamber had a very small spring which was invariably swimming in rusty sludge so its tension was to say the least suspect. I can’t remember now whether there were any diaphragms in them or not, but they would have been in an equally poor condition. The seatings for the bobbins were normally pitted and the whole valve would be bung full of sludge, water and carbon. It was usually a case of ‘do what you can we’re having a poor season’, so often no chance of renewing the thing and anyway the fair would be moving the next day or, as was frequently the case, everyone else had moved and this vehicle was stuck.

The problem was normally not just this particular valve, since the air drier hadn’t seen any service attention for years, but the real culprit was a worn out compressor which could, like as not, be traced back to years of dirty oil and air.

This is one of the reasons why valves aren’t ‘kitted’ any longer; the fitter’s time and operator’s money is better spent checking for the cause of the problem than stripping a valve that is probably scrap.