Looking for a company

Hi Folks

I’m looking for a company which I know is based in Coventry, West Midlands.

It goes by the name of “B & B Smith Haulage” and is at “Aldermans Green, Coventry”.

Does anyone have any contact details for this company, such as telephone number or better address?


Hiya Smeserver, and welcome to TruckNetUK mate…

The only thing I can find is a Company called B.B.S Transport Limited, based in Exhall , Coventry…

BBS Transport
26 Bayton Road
Bayton Road Ind. Est
Exhall Coventry
Tel: 02476 645666
Fax: 02476 645776
Email: enquiries@bbstransport.fsnet.co.uk

Dunno if its the one your looking for but there Web Address is HERE:unamused:

do you mean BBS transport, bayton rd, exhall, coventry tel 02476645666
they have a website but i don’t know the address
you beat me to it andy

I’ve sent you a P M

Hi Folks

I’ve had a PM that has suggested B&B Smyth spelt differently and think that is close to the mark. To be honest, I think Bayton Road industrial estate is a bit wider of the mark as it is much closer to the motorway, M6j3 than Aldermans Green, M6j2. But I’m useless with maps most the time anyway, so will see whats what with it tomorrow.

Thanks for all the suggestions though :wink:

Driving 7.5’s at the mo but aiming for next stage up as ever…


Yeah, that does sound a bit more of what your lookin for there Smeserver.

Good Luck when you do your C+E mate, but it dont matter what you drive, dont be shy and dont be a stranger… join in and welcome to the MadHouse… or should that be MadCab… LOL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink: