Looking At Changing My Career

Hi there all new to the site. I am looking at a change of career now. I am fed up in my current role which I have been in for the last 13 years. I am 38 years old and many years ago used to drive 7.5t regular. I am after taking my tests very soon. I have been on various sites and been slightly drawn towards (and please before and bad comments stay with me) Eddie Stobarts school as there is a chance of a job with them on completing the training. I am looking at them as it seems new drivers struggle to get jobs due to no experience. I am waiting for the forms for my Tacho card.

I live in Bury,

Advice welcome please.

Hi and welcome.

From what I’ve heard (I may be wrong) Stobarts don’t guarantee a job at the end of it.

There has been a thread on this recently and I think the consensus was that it’s best to train independently.

Getting work is a lot easier now than it has been for a long while - though you still have to put the effort in. There’s plenty of threads about that as well.

I suggest you consider alternatives before jumping in.

All the best - ask any questions you like. Pete :laughing: :laughing:

That’s correct no guarantee of a job but at least a possible interview. Going to make my decision in the next Month as really fed up now and want to make the change. Love driving and love being my own boss to a certain extent. Redrose training seems good also and have a deal where can get hiab and forklift.

Just found the thread. Has anyone actually done the training with them as it appears at present not up and running. I took a look at the site the other day and was going to apply. Filled the form in and had to stop as not have tacho card. Seen the site and application form have changed over last week or so. Maybe up and running now.

I don’t understand why you need a tacho card. It’s not required for training.


Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Are you fully aware of the industry that you are coming in to? its certainly not what it used to be and if you think it is going to be easy to get a well paid job then you could be very wrong or you might get very lucky but Stobarts will expect their pound of flesh if you side with them.

You may be better doing it yourself as has been said

From what I know it is not easy to get onto the Stobbart training

No reason why you shouldnt change your career but as said dont expect good wages or easy to get a job although it can be done you just have to go & look hard but wouldnt recommend giving up a full time job as you could work agency for a bit but be careful on your hours

Go have a look at several training providers have an assessment at a few to see how you feel & like it do this before booking or parting with any money

Hey. I did that deal with Red Rose a while back and found the instructors very hard to get on with, I failed a test with them (that was in an uprated 7.5t). Once they got my money they did keep in contact but the trainers were very blasé. I did the forklift with them and that training was a good standard, patient instructors and didn’t make you feel stupid for asking questions, unlike the driving guys. I then went on to the ESL apprenticeship scheme (the first lot, I’m the long haired one on TV but thankfully I’ve had it cut). The training via System Training was exceptional. Even in a bigger vehicle, actually a rigid and not an uprated one, the instructor gave alot more guidance and genuinely seemed to care, I did pass class 2 and 1 in one go with them. I doubt the scheme you mention is with Systems but the trainers at ESL are all great lads and have worked all over so they do know what they are talking about. I’m still friends with a lot of big cheeses in the company (we were shown off as the future of the company so I got to meet and make friends with alot of people) and unless you’re already a Stobart employee it is unlikely you will get a job at the end of it.
However saying you were trained by Stobarts does open doors, I myself recently got a job because of it. My driving wasn’t the best but Stobart trained so I must know what I’m doing haha.
Good luck with it though and keep us updated!

Has anybody paid and done the training by Stobarts. Is it anygood.

Can someone please advise. I am about to start filling in my application form for a provisional hgv licence. Can someone please tell me which I tick. I can drive C1 already (7.5 Tonne). I ultimately want to drive C+E, and am fully aware need to do C First.

Am I right in thinking In the first box “First Provisional entitlement” I tick C then in the second “Additional provisional entitlement” I tick which one.

You automatically get provisional CE when your licence comes back after passing C

Cheers for the advice Lee. Will just tick C on the first part.

Going to start my training very soon. Going to go with red rose hopefully and do a full package including medical, theory, class c and class c+e forklift, hiab adr and cpc. Anyone recommend anybody else before I go with them.

alright darren, im in same boat as you just started just waiting for my provisonal licence to come back, anyways what area you from ■■ :smiley:

From Bury, looking for recent reports on Red rose or anyone who could advise of anyone better and possibly cheaper. I am fully aware that cheaper is not always the best option. Just worries me a bit that spending just short of £2900 for everything is to much. I might be a tight arse but look after the pennies etc,… And after all that no guarantee of a job at the end of it. T

full package including medical, theory, class c and class c+e forklift, hiab adr and cpc …what all for £2900

That’s correct pal.