Looking after Kids

I quit my job after a year of torment. I was away from home max 3 nights a week but my partner had trouble coping with our autisic son. I was very upset of having to leave my job but on the other hand I didnt want to loose my son. I have been off now for over 3months now and theres no change, although my son has started full time school, gets picked up and dropped off too my partner still has emotional problems with my son. I have been forced to make a big decison and to put my son into foster care. I have 2 other children to consider about. Iam signed up with 1 agency but not getting much luck with class 2 work so waiting to hear about funding for class 1 so I can do night work.

Iam just wondering if there is anyone out the who has had similar problems that can give any adivice.

Cheers Kierran

I was hoping someone would have come along with some similar experiences and some advice for you, you must be at your whits end. My youngest son has aspergers which is in the autistic spectrum but we have been lucky and people have got used to his idiosyncratic habits. Many members on here have met him and they have been talked to death on the subject of trucks. How are you getting on and how is your lad settling into school? Has the driving picked up for you?
Keep us posted.

Hi mate I don’t know if you have tried the Autism society to see if they can help or point you in the right direction? I have found the Macmillan support invaluable. I wish you all the luck and my best wishes.

Thank you for the post guys. We came to a decsion to have him put into foster care. We had a social worker who was a pain but now with got the disabilties social worker who has helped alot and is offering alot more support.

Finley is settling into school well and because he has coped so well the fostering is now with a view to return home and not to adopt which is a relief. As for the work side Iam awaiting word from Job centre for funding for my class 1 and also Ive handed a application for my old job back so fingers crossed there.

Family life seems to be easing but it is wierd as we is going to his foster carers next friday. I will get to see him twice aweek.

Heres Finley in my old motor


Thanks again Kierran

No experience of Autism here, but I DO know from experience how hard it is to make the decision to be away from your child for a time and what a wonderful parent you are for having the strength to do it. Don’t ever allow society to tell you differently.

Good luck. You are one very brave man.

I couldn’t agree more with what lucy has said all the best mate. :wink: :slight_smile:


My nephew,Thomas has autism,and has just had heart valve surgery on Thursday.

I will speak to my sister,and if she is in agreement,I will give you her phone number or e.mail address by pm,and you can have a word with her,and see how she and Steve her hubby, (and North East traffic cop, :angry: :laughing: ) get on with him,and where she got advice from.

As you can imagine,they are concentrating on Thomas at the moment,as he’s still in intensive care in the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle,so if you could be patient, (If you pardon the pun.) I’ll reply soon.


i wish you all good luck with it and he looks a cracking lad. thats one of the things id ont about is autism.

Hi Kierran.

Your post is quite old now, but I’m still interested to hear how things are going now.

Our daughter Katie was born nearly 4 years ago with a tumour on her neck. My wife Donna was also hit by a major case of Post Natal Depression which left me looking after the both of them.

I wasn’t driving at the time, but had to give up the job I had to look after the both of them as I couldn’t cope with everything. This got us in to huge debt, but was unavoidable.

Katie finally had the majority of the tumour removed and is just left with scarring now, which can hopefully be sorted out when she’s a bit older and stronger. Donna has finally come out of her depression (mostly) so I’ve been able to go back to working full time.

These things are horrible mate, especially when it involves children. All you can do is your absolute best to get through it and come out of the other end, keeping your family number 1 above all else. Sometimes it meens not seeing them much when money is a priority, and when you do see them and you are knackered, just try your best to make that time special.

Your son looks great by the say.