Hi guys, started a job last week with the agency. Basically ive been “training all week” which consists of sitting in the passenger seat with a driver and hauling between 13 and 16 pallets of drink through shops to there stock room.Back breaking work,not even had a drive of the motor which for a class 2 driver seems rather large,26 tonner. Most of the drops are in london so parking is a nightmare,the driver got 2 tickets last week. Not much fun really and i think im out on my own next week.London is not the best place to start for a new class 2 driver especially when i dont know london at all. Ill keep you posted but im really not looking forward to it… :confused:

you’ll be fine mate. just take it steady and don’t rush for no one.

saying that, good luck i hate driving in inner london in a car never mind a wagon!!

Good luck chenn_uk and I hope everything goes ok for you next week.

When i passed class 2 in London i started off at the best place. Royal Mail though Manpower, was so easy. If you get tired of multi drop then give em a call. There St Albans branch gave me a job same night i registerd before even my licence came back from DVLA and started off at £13 an hour night rate :wink:

Good luck, like bigjoe said just take your time and don’t put yourself under pressure.

good luck chenn you will soon get used to a 26tonner just watch the overhang when turning, as all have said dont rush and you will be fine, personally i prefer london to brum anyday :laughing:

Best wishes Chenn - Like everyone said, take it easy, try not to get flustered and just keep checking yourself. :wink: