London route advice

Potentially going to conduit St off regents St in the coming weeks looks straight forward enough but just with those who london more than me any restrictions I need to be aware of. We’ve been told 07.30 but unsure of the any 8 o’clock restrictions in london. I would be coming from the m1.
Any advice welcome


Shouldn’t have an issue mate, used to head into that area a lot for crossrail/public realm works and was never really an issue aside from volume of traffic but its an unavoidable thing that time of day. Pull in Gateway services and clear your card before you go in. I used to slightly prefer Hendon Way/Finchley Rd over Edgeware Rd but not much difference really. Turn down Park Cresexent (1st set of lights) as the turn is less severe then straight onto Regents St. Was always on/around site for about 0730.

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Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the input.

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