London route advice?

Greenford to thamesmead, tomorrow morning between 7 and 9.

44t 14,9

And which way back across river to come north, ferry or bridge■■?

Any help great.

Can’t type it out now. I’ll try in 2- 3hrs time.

Cheers pal.

I’d go North Circular follow to the A12,on A12 through Blackwall Tunnel,then pick up Bugsby’s Way (just off the A102) follow Bugs Way onto A206 follow 206 past Woolwich Ferry,then onto Western Way follow to either Eastern Way or the A2014. Depending where you’re going.

Someone might go a different way though.

I’d come back on the ferry.

I think Ramone’s route is a lot easier, but if you feel confident this is the old traditional route from the A40 to the South east. If you have a map have a good look at it to see how the roads go. Neither route will be quick at that time of day. A good 2 hrs.

A40 to White City interchange make sure you follow correct signs for A 3220 (West X Route) which will mean that you are effectively turning right. Straight over Holland Park roundabout still A3220. Stay on A 3220 through what is a one way system Addison Crescent, swings right into Addison rd, becomes Warwick Gardens, Most of the traffic will be going this way and they are lunatics. Warwick Gardens joins Pembroke rd (this is an area with large posh houses).

The A3220 does a sudden right turn into Earls Court Rd. Do NOT miss this and go ahead into Stratford rd.

The Earls Court rd crosses the A4. It then next meets the Old Brompton rd as a right immediate left still as the A3220 but now called Redcliffe Gardens (posh)and runs down onto the Chelsea Embankment. Follow the river A3212. You will go under Grosvenor railway bridge Which is 14ft 9in, 100 yds just after Chelsea river bridge appears on your right.To avoid see next post. If sure of your height continue towards Vauxhall bridge get in r/h lane and turn right over bridge. DO NOT go straight on (Lorry Ban)

At foot of bridge A3204 go straight on under rail bridge keeping in lane 2 under the bridge. This should be signed for A20. After 200yds turn right into Durham street A3204 A lot of the traffic will do this. This then turns 1/2 left into Harleyford rd A3204 and continues past the Oval cricket ground. The road now becomes the A202 which you follow for several miles through Camberwell and Peckham to New cross where it meets the A2 with New X bus garage on r/h side. After the 20mph speed limit in New Cross keep to the left staying on the A2 and do NOT follow the A20.

Continue through Deptford, over Blackheath to the Sun in the Sands roundabout. (Above the A2 and Blackwall tunnel Approach) Go straight over into Shooters hill rd A207. This will meet the junction of Well hall rd and Academy rd A205 signed Woolwich so turn left for Woolwich. At the Roundabout in front of the ferry turn right A206 Woolwich high street and follow ove r/a into Pumstead rd (still A206).

At large triangular junction by bus garage turn left onto A206 and then A2016 Western way dual carrigeway. The next roundabout is Thamesmead industrial area.

Return North over Ferry, do a right at the end of pier rd straight over next r/a. The following r/a is the junction of the A406 north circular and the A13.

If not confident of getting under Grosvenor railway bridge go over Chelsea bridge, straight over queens circus and turn left into Battersea park rd A3205 which becomes Nine Elms Lane. This will then turn left into Wandsworth rd. Follow one way system to left at Vauxhall cross and keep to right. At foot of bridge turn right under railway bridge to resume route.