London Arena

I have a delivery tomorrow night / Sunday morning at the Arena. Anyone tell me where the access road is please. Is there any parking nearby as well or on site ?.

London Arena was demolished in 2007, are you sure it’s not the O2 (Millenium Dome) that you are going to…

Sorry, its ExCel

Head for A406/A13 roundabout, follow signs for ExCel from there.
Once you get there head for the marshalling area and find the booking in office.
I don’t know if you can stay overnight but I have often seen trucks there for a long time, there is no event tomorrow night so you might be lucky.

Thanks. Seems you can park but £35 for 24Hrs.

you can park if you are dropping off and collecting again goods to be used in that nights show, a production manager will give you a permit

This will be for Dsei exhibition. You will need photo I’d and the marshalling point is over the cut from excel, signs, as mentioned from the end of the 406. May see you there.

If your truck isn’t too big…Park for free in the hotel at the entrance!

Look for a Caledonian Logistic’s MAN if you are.
Thanks for the info everybody