Loft conversion

any one know any links or info on diy loft conversion?,
thinking about doing it in the near future and would
like to do most of it myself.

Go to the Forum and go down to the loft conversion part

The whole site is great for any DIY"ers

superb thats just what i was looking for :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
see you on diy disasters :laughing: :laughing: cheers

JD i done a course on fitting Velux windows when i was working at a builder centre they are a lot easier to fit than they look, they come with instructions which havelittle pictures and are very easy to follow.

If you buy one get their own flashing kit with it lots of people fit them an mess about with cutting lead etc their own oe is about £20 and fits like a glove.

we distribute windows around the uk for velux i’ll have to have word for the sale team and see if i can make a deal for a couple of small ones :slight_smile: .i measured the height of the loft space and according to the regs on the link from tc it has to be at least 2.4meatres high my space is 2.2m so i might not get a dormer but still be able to use the space some other way,cheers for the info.

we distribute windows around the uk for velux

someone’s got too :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: