Load/backload websites?

Not sure if this is allowed to be asked so feel free to Delete this post mods :slight_smile:

Does anyone use or used haulage exchange/ courier exchange or “return Loads”?

Just wondered you opinions on them?
Obviously I don’t want to get anyone in trouble so feel free to PM me if you have anything negative feedback wise rather than putting on a public forum :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and f this posts is not allowed… my apologies


this might help, info on Clearing Houses for return loads, it’s not free but I’d imagine it’d pay for itself pretty sharpish.

Thanks Zac, I appreciate that.

We use HX when we need to, and do ok out of it, but dont use it as a main source to get us back to base.

We also have a network of hauliers that we have used regularly, and nearly always come up trumps.