Living In Spain

I am looking to live and work in spain and wondered if there are any truckers out there who are doing this or have tried it in the past.
Does anyone know where the best place to live is for any trucking work or are there any jobs in the uk who have a regular stop in spain.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Nige :question:

You could try Vascoingles at the PDA website.

Nigel,There is an Ad in aprils edition of Truck and Driver. I’ll PM you with the company name just in case it is against the advertising rules on here.

:smiley: HI I am also a new driver and am moving to spain in sept 04 i am also finding it very difficult to get work .
can any one give me any numbers or no of any companys that work from spain to england or vice versa i shall be moving near murcia hope someone can help.

Send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do for either of you regards advice and adresses I have been living and working in Spain for more than 10 years now.