LGV Training schools - Who would you recommend?

Seems to be a lot of posts on this site that mention the bad LGV training schools but there does not seem to be a list of good schools (or instructors within those schools).
If you can recommend a good one, put it here. I am sure it will be of use to those looking for one.
Might be worth a mention of the the test centre as well as some seem to have a bad rep.

Please do not ask me about the one I work for as it would be innapropriate (and against the rules of this site) for me to do so.

PS it is worth considering staying in a B&B if the school you opt for is a long way from home.

I used Tockwith Training, near York. I went with them simply because it was 1 to 1 training and I’d had trouble on that front with my class 2, some years before, when I felt I was held back by a trainee much less experienced than I was at the time - who needed most of my test day just to get up to speed.

At Tockwith, the vehicles were fine, especially the fm12 and the instructors were very good. I failed my 1st c+e attempt because I forgot to check the trailer brake was on when I recoupled :frowning: A very costly mistake, made all the worse by only 2 minors. I passed with them 3 weeks later, different instructor but a great bloke. They use Warton test centre, near Wetherby. The route I was tested on took me through Harrogate, Knaresborough and Wetherby.

When I researched my training, I was impressed by their site and they had a good reputation. A very good package, but not the cheapest. You get what you pay for.

Mackerel, I’ve also signed up with Tockwith to do my Class 2 starting on 16th July, (test on 20th July @ Wetherby). Chose them due to the full day lessons & 1 to 1 tution.
Did a lot of research on various forums & they are highly recommended.
As you say not the cheapest option, but hope the full day lessons & 1 to 1 will prove cost effective by passing 1st time. Time will tell :smiley:

i passed cat c with

worth every penny! (£800ish- but they do 3day courses as well) starting my cat c+e as soon as my licence comes back from dvla.

brand new daf’s, great instructers. well cuffed!


well cuffed!

Do you have to pay extra for that sort of treatment, and do they use fluffy ones?
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Hi I would recomend Peter Smyth Transport training in Mansfield :laughing:
I used them for both C and C+E this year the training is 1on 1 And really patiant and friendly, I passed both first time in Sheffield which if you spend the time learning the roads is great as they are not big on road markings or signs near meadowhall,


For anyone in the Manchester/Cheshire Area Stockport LGV would be my choice All the Instructors have years of experience in the transport industrie.
Found them helpfull and informative the vehicles are of a good standard and life size.


Another company with excellent credentials who are noteworthy is
elgv.com/index.asp I know quite a few drivers who have passed through this school who would recommend them thoroughly

Lincoln area

J.M.W Driver Training Centre Caenby Corner Estate Hemswell Cliff Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 5TN Tel: 01427 668424

Great instructers both different charicters but both good at their job. Kit to learn in is easy to get to grips with and clean tidy and reliable. Driver training school is based on a airfield so they have there own reversing area mirroring the test centre. Also do CPC and ADR courses in fact anything transport! They have a very nice classroom set up in a small village. Even has on site accomodation for someone having to travel to do courses. When on ADR course etc they feed you at lunch times with extremely nice cooked dinners worth the course fee alone! LOL


Please do not ask me about the one I work for as it would be innapropriate (and against the rules of this site) for me to do so.

That’s a shame!
It’s not like you’ve started a post purely stating ‘my training school is the best’, surely if you think you’re working for a good training school that provides good training it’d be ok to mention it alongside other recommended training schools?

I do not know if I am a good trainer or if the company I work for is a good training school - only my trainees could tell you that :exclamation:

stockport hgv might be good but there fleet is a bit on the old side i used truk training in bolton passed first time on class 2 in a volvo on an x plate with a 4 over 4 box and now in doing class 1 in a scania on a x plate 3 over 3 range change not got my head round the half gear yet but that is the kind of stuff you need to learn correct me if im wrong most companys now will not use p plate wagons and you will be stuck when it comes to semi auto trucks

I would recommend Central Transport Training (CTT) in Wolverhampton.

I wouldn’t recommend West Midlands Transport Training in Aldridge.

But that down to my personnel experience having passed my Class 2 first time with CTT and having failed my Class 1 twice with the other.


I passed both C and C+E first time with www.lorrydrivertraining.co.uk near Exeter. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay whilst taking the course, I can recommend Claire Lovell’s B&B (details on their website), which is only about 1/4 mile from the school’s base.

Hertfordshire or even Essex


Ace Training

I passed my C+E with them 5 weeks ago my trainer Bill great bloke kept complaining though saying I made it to easy for him & that he didnt have nothing to do (Born Naturel)
But serously they are all a great bunch of men & women & cater for all types of licence from fork to artic & cpc.

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