LGV Training in Cornwall

Hi Can anyone please recommend a training company in Cornwall?? I have passed my theory and hazard so just need practical C+E and 35 hours CPC.

Thanks for any help in advance

Seems to be a little bit of confusion in your post. If you’ve just passed your theory and hazard perception tests then you will need to pass C then CE. The “35 hours” doesn’t have to come into it yet. If you hold a C1 licence (check the bold letters on the front of the pink part) then you have until Sept 2014 to complete the 35 hours. So you would be well advised to make a start but not to panic. But if you don’t hold C1 then you will need to pass Module 2 (case studies at the theory test centre) and then train for and pass Module 4 with a LGV trainer.

Sorry, I dont know any trainers in Cornwall. But we’ve had several Cornishmen come to us for residential training.

All the best, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

C then C+E. … Good luck finding anywhere, think the nearest ive seen was bodmin way.


passed with these guys. very cost effective, and good quality training.

even looking back on it after a year i can think of VERY little that didnt happen how it should. cant say fairer than that.

Sorry for the confusion - Yes I have C1 so I need C first then C+E. Thanks for advice about CPC I just thought it would be best to get it done and out of the way but if only for financial reasons it would be better to wait I am struggling with the 2K for the tests!!

if you pass 1st time rigid will cost about half that. then you can go out and drive for a while before going artic.

I passed my C+E with Westcountry Transport Training at St Day in May great instructors thoroughly recommend them give them a call.