LGV/PCV/B+E Driver Trainers

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Can anyone give me a reasonably accurate idea of how many LGV/PCV and larger vehicle trainers/instructors there are currently operating in the UK at the present time. This would include those who have chosen to register with the DSA under the voluntary arrangements and those who have not. I would like to include specialist B+E instructors as well. Any ideas??

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Mal the Broker

This should be fun :slight_smile:

At least he is honest in saying he is a broker :slight_smile:

No idea.

Don’t know but I DO know there are far too many brokers :smiley:

Thousands and thousands.

None of them have any idea how to market their services, and they’d all be delighted to let you pocket their profits in exchange for a full diary.

You can find them easily by driving about the country from test centre to test centre, and making inquiries in the waiting room.

They’d love to meet you…it’s such a novel idea you have had.

Insurance Broker. Sorry fellas should have made this clear. It was only an indication I was after in connection with an insurance related project.

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I read the figure of 400 some time ago. Don’t think this includes specialist BE trainers (not too many of them I think).

There are some splendid insurance schemes already on the market that would be tough to compete with - - if that was idea.

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