Lgv network training

has anyone had any dealings with the above company?They promised me guaranteed work if I take my training with them ,37.5 hrs a week at least for first 6 months but put u on a training rate 50p hr less than normal (after you been on buddy days and assesment).No sure what to do!

how did you find their training and general set up?

I assume they used their own vehicles and not farm you out to another school?

Iv not decided yet if ill use them.

Why not pay them a visit?

Paul :smiley:

elmet training:
Why not pay them a visit?

Paul :smiley:

If its one thing to be learned from this forum for anyone looking to train then its what Paul has written above.
You can easily find threads here where people have been done over by brokers and poor training schools.
Go and visit the training school, check the vehicles they use are theirs. Speak to the people who would be training you. Go and find them lurking around a test centre and speak to someone who is training with them if you can.
Dont sign up to anything unseen.

What location you looking at doing your training. I am looking at doing mine in st helens with them. Any info would be greet they have offered me the as you just looking for any one who has used theses people. Cheers.

paul davies:
What location you looking at doing your training.

OP = Fife

What they are offering/business model seems out of the ordinary, so I would check them out carefully, agree with Paul - give them a visit anyone is always welcome to visit us for a tea or coffee and a sit in a truck.

I’ll be straight and to the point as the chaps above are being diplomatic as they own/run driving schools :slight_smile:
This guaranteed work thing is complete and absolute ■■■■■■■■!How can they guarantee you work when you pass your test?even if they run it through an agency then the work could dry up and you’d be the first out of the place being a new starter and newly passed ect.
Ask them for this “guarantee of work” in writing and couple it with a promise of full 37.5 hrs pay per week should they fail to get you this “guaranteed work”…see how quick they back track then!

Apparently they’re the sister company of adr network!There Web site is one of them national ones and has no address for the Scottish base. Motherwell somewhere. Got her to drop her price by £200 THO!!Iv been in touch with a school in Perth and going to pop up n c them .

So,the guaranteed work is not all that guaranteed after all…

"Q.What if I fail the client assessment?

Both we and our clients want you to be successful and the process is designed to help you achieve this. If you fail we will not be able to proceed with a contract of employment. You will, of course, still have your Class I qualification which is all you could have from other training schools."

Done mine with big Alan at Bellshill. Would recommend. They have Co Op,iceland, morrisons and Gist.

What’s big alans company in Belshill called or have a number at all thanks

Just had a nosey at there website. They also do refresher courses, and from there website

Typically, we use working depots to practice your reversing exercises.

After failing my last 2 driving assessments RM and Stobarts on the reversing, this might be be good for me. Might send them an email and find out more :slight_smile: