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I’m Steven, 18 from Stockport and studying at the moment at college but seriously considering LGV driving. I have read the new, wannabe posts and I have a few questions about the logistics industry and I wondered if any of you could help.

First of all I read bigjoes post called RDC’s, speed cameras and lack of sleep. The question I have is in the post bigjoe said that " big rdc’s trat drivers like scum". Is this the case everywhere you deliver if the delivery is not on time and how safe is it sleeping in your cab?

If any of you have any information you could give me about LGV driving that is not in the forum all ready I would be very grateful.



Steven, you can read all the posts you want mate,but the best way , would be to participate as a drivers mate with a firm for a period of time.
This will ensure that you get first hand what acctually happens at RDC,s
also if possible get out to EUROPE with a driver also for a while and see how thesituationthere is perhaps when going abroad try visiting non eu countrys and then youwill see ´different problems that concern the vehicles
driver, only by doing the job and therefore being abused ,misshandled by
the people youhave to deliver to will you build for yourself a true picture
and can then make what ever descion YOU wish with the experience
that you have had,

AS for not getting enough sleep it depends on many points, some are
to do with acting within the law others are to do with your own personal
acts,THE majority of UK firms do run exactlly as per the law states,but
some times certain instances happen and one has to circumvate the
law when the load has to be there, like a JIT for a AUTOMOTIVE
FACTORY as this can mean the factory standing still, or due to problems
a factory must have the chemicals you have loaded or there will be a big
incident ,THE last point is one which concerns those who wish to be home,and then i do belive the book is nolonger relevant as one says
and home they go,

AS for the problem about sleeping in your cab yesthere are more cases
of gas attacks ,but as long as you are careful where you park ,then
it is just as dangerous as crossing the road,

EVERY one will say in the end once bitten you will find it hard to resist
and even though you will have BAD days the GOODDAYS make it all worthwhile.

The first thing you need to know is that you need to be 21 to get a licence.
Most places you deliver to do seem to treat you as an inconvieince, as in, why has this lorry turned up at ■■■ break, dinner time, tea time or any time.


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said that " big rdc’s treat drivers like scum". Is this the case everywhere you deliver if the delivery is not on time

Depends upon how bad a day you are having.
It would be fair to say that the big RDC’s do not treat you like royalty, but most, despite not treating you like a welcome guest, are not that bad.

how safe is it sleeping in your cab?

That depends upon where you park etc. parking in Ind Estates & layby’s etc is not without it’s risks.

If any of you have any information you could give me about LGV driving that is not in the forum all ready I would be very grateful.

The best bits of advice I have ever seen given here is, " if you have any questions just ask" & “the only silly question is the one you didn’t ask”

WAYNE; you can get your licence before you are 21 mate if you do the youngdrivers training by a firm which is one who carrys this training scheme out, and some one will be able to give more and better detailed information about this,

Steven. Hiya mate!

Pete has just beat me to it, there is a scheme called the “young driver scheme” basically you have to be taken on by a company who are willing to participate in training you from grassroots level.

Stockport seems like a good area to find a company like this, or at least anywhere in the Manchester area.

The scheme works like this: you will be employed around the depot for 6 months, learning forklift work and assisting drivers to load trucks, eventually going out as drivers mate and learner driver.

You can drive a rigid 6 wheeler at 19 and a class 1 artic at 20 provided you only work for the company who sponsor you.

Every scheme will be slightly different as the transport industry is not exactly the same with different operators.

Another way into the industry is sign up for one of the courses offered by Huddersfield University.

They offer some excellent management courses from basic CPC up to fully fledged chaos control manager (thanks Rob K)

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not a lot to add to the above posts really, would just like to say, welcome to TrucknetUK and good luck with your choice of career :wink:.

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Hiya Steven. It was only a couple of years back that I thought about truck driving for a livin’ and now that i’ve got the licences I cant weight to get out there and start driving. If your set on driving then get your licences soon as, wheather that be now through young drivers schemes as has been mentioned (save a lot of cash) or soon as you turn 21 then get out there and have fun. These forums will give you all the info you need…and a lot more. :wink: