Lessons start tomorrow

Well here i go. Got my mod 4 training tomorrow and test on tuesday followed by 4 days of lessons & test. Got all the agenies and local haulers names and numbers. Only thing missing is digi card. Just one small probem

I AM NOT TIRED… WHY OH WHY OH WHY… its midnight and i need to be up at 06.30. :angry: :smiley:

Pity you didn’t get a response (I assume before you left). Hope you have a great day’s training, planning on doing a blog style post? :slight_smile:

Good luck

Hope all goes well for you.

Who are you training with?

Got there and started the module 4 training. Got there for 07:40. Training started at 08:00.

I was done and on my way home by 10:00am :open_mouth: I am expected to move the truck to do the brake test Just one problem. I ahve never driven it… not even started it :frowning: i am gonna need lots of luck tomorrow.

I will be starting the driving part tomorrow. I have 16hrs booked. Not sure if its gonna be enough. I do however have the actual cpc cat c questions that the examiners use with all the answers aswell as youtube so i think i will be ok. I am with Hughes hgv driving a 2004 MAN. Not big but thats ok i suppose

i will post more tomorrow

I wouldn’t worry to much about how to start it etc. they will teach/show you all that beforehand. Good luck with it all, looking forward to the update tomorrow :slight_smile:

Interesting they do it in only 2 hours and test on a different day, I think it’s mostly done same day.

DAY 2.

I passed my mod 4 100% but my pal failed. He failed because one of his straps was twisted and thats a major. My advice is do your research, talk to the examiner lots, go completly over the top with everything. RELAX :slight_smile: check everything you do and if you think its wrong start again. You are allowed a list for your DAILY checks. USE IT to the last only. I.e dont get smart and do more / change what you should be doing.


I clipped the kerb twice. I had a gearbox which i had to knock to the right for high gears, knock left for low. The gearbox is hard to get use too. The vehicle is bigger than you think but by god its powerful. Speeding came all to easily. The brakes are so hard to press but the clutch is very light. Steering was A+ but i was bounced about somewhat due to it being unladen. Car drivers are a nightmere.

Listen to your instructor word for word. Do not drive it like a car (cant be helped) sod everybody behind you, they will have wait. Now my first drive is all done i think i better buck my ideas up and get this passed. It is stressful due to the size and gear changes apart from this it went really well :smiley: :smiley:

I had a gearbox which i had to knock to the right for high gears, knock left for low.

Often called a slapover box

Speeding when empty is easy. But when loaded to capacity, you’d be working the gears to get up to speed.

Glad it’s all gone well today.

Slap over boxes are good if set up right. If it is stiff, you will have a much larger bicep in your left arm by Friday.


So i am getting the hang of this gearbox. I had a much better drive than yesterday. I did however hit the mirrors on the bushes, pulled out at a junction and did not see the car pulling out from the kerbside. I am also approching hazards too fast. I need to remember
2. neutral
3. cancel indication when i pull up at side of the road.

I went on the motorway which is a complete doddle. I am reversing tomorrow so all tips welcomed. The truck does not seem to be my enemy any longer. Still hard work though and cyclist… well… i see what you all mean now.

Test friday :open_mouth: