Lenham Storage

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know what they are like to work for nowdays on Class C work.
I done some work for them about 5 years ago and it was mostly pallets into Waitrose stores quite good simple work.
Just wondered if much has changed as there seems a lot of agency work there advertised in my area lately not sure whether that’s due to them getting more contracts or higher turnover of staff ?
Any advice ?


They have a large amount of agency for flexibility I don’t think they have a huge turnover of fulltimers . being local to them you don’t hear to many horror stories

Thanks for the reply I will check out a few agencies that deal with them next week.

If you’re not fit already, you soon will be.

Class 2 work is predominantly ■■■■■■■ around pallets off the back and dragging them to some ridiculous places, also loads of cash and carry places in London.

It seems they have a majority of workforce who are agency as many of the full timers are often looking elsewhere. They have a core of drivers who will never leave as it’s right on the doorstep.

Expect to arrive for your allocated start time to find your vehicle not loaded, yet still have a 10+ hour run planned for you, not taking into account being send somewhere to do a ‘quick’ collection on your way back.

On a positive note, your wages are always in the bank on time…

Over the weekend they were very actively recruiting at the Brands Hatch truck racing event, which they were also co-sponsoring. Good clean kit and 24hr workshop cover Mon to Sat pm. I would agree with the often shambolic office organisation. The yard is extremely busy with forklifts at 4 -5am and abandoned lorries near the traffic office at 3pm. You can also spend a long time looking for where a trailer has been parked.

They are also it seems very keen on strapping every pallet, but in front of each pallet so the goods don’t get crushed, ie a waste of time because it’s doing SFA to keep the stuff on the lorry.