Leicester forest north and the clampers

i was in leicester forest north this morning (mon 25th april) at 2.20am and there was this van pulled up close to a trailer so i pulled up beside to see whats happening making sure they werent pinching anything and what was they doing… clamping.

none of my bussiness if you dont pay you run the risk.

well everyone had clamps on so this is a bit suspesous was there anyone to take the money as it was a sunday night■■?.

a foreigner was out of his lorry looking at the clamp walking towards them but then turned round and went back to bed.

all the lorrys parked for the night had them on so i was a bit scared i only stopped for a 20min power nap.

so just beware and was anyone there last night and did you get clamped.

Hard to feel sorry for them,It could of been me if I had not paid.11.50 parked up up on the catle market in newark felt some ■■■■ on the unit,by the time I woke up enough the same ■■■■■ had gone,back to kip.Early start,little red sticker was on windscreen,it was a fixed penalty notice,with every thing filled in but the time in blue ink and the time was filled in with black ink,■■■■■■