Left card in

So, had a ■■■■ day, left work in a hurry, forgot to withdraw tacho card from unit.
What can I do tomorrow? As it’s going to record ‘Work’ all night and I won’t have had the daily rest period? Do I just drive without it in, but do tacho printouts?

Fret not. Possibly the most common error. Technically it’s an offence as it’s incorrect mode. But there is a degree of tolerance shown to new drivers so don’t worry about it. Your company may well give you an infringement notice but are unlikely to take any action. Do a printout and record what actually happened (though it’s blatantly obvious), use your card as normal and try to remember to take your card out when you’re done!

Sleep well!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Do 2 printouts
1 for you and 1 for the company.
Write on the back of both
" daily rest from ? To ? Incorrect mode selection card left in at end of duty by mistake "

You need 2 copies so you can show it to whoever needs to see it.

Ok, cheers boys, much appreciated

As the others have said, it is not a problem if stopped by Dvsa or the police. Human error is accepted and they are after persistent tachograph fraud .

Is it possible to correct it with a manual entry…?

Is it possible to correct it with a manual entry…?

No it’s not once the card is written on that’s it .
The only thing that can be done is as I have said.