Leaving the army

Hello, I have just signed off from the army with every license and ADR as I was a recovery mechanic. Only been in 6 years but always driving, shunting with or without a trailer and towing 30t plus on the roads.
I am going to use my resettlement and do courses like HIAB, forklift and CPC which I need to become a lorry driver.
My question is how would I get into fuel tankers or car transporting straight away or is it mainly needing years of experience first.
Would anyone suggest any other driving courses out there that pays decent?

Have you done forces tanker work ?

Whether you have or have not, would that be on any record ? - I think you get my drift …

No unfortunately I never had the opportunity when it has come up I was always away. I think I will get my CPC squared away ASAP then work while on leave or a few weekends to get to grips with it

Just throwing this out there to you.
Do you live near an airport? If so go on google & type in North Air.

Click the tab working for us or words to that effect. They use an agency called Monarch Personnal.

It’s £12 an hour refuelling Aircraft. They will put you through a class 1 tanker course in time too. They are very ex forces friendly as everyone I worked with had been in the army for a few years.

The beauty of it all is you don’t need a cpc or ADR. All airfields are private land & your exempt from needin them although your working with fuel.

After a year your highly likely to have a job permanently with them.

Hope this helps & good luck

Thank you for the response