Leave a permanent job start agency driving?

Hey guys, passed my test way back in April and dragged my CPC out until about last month when i passed my Mod 4 with 100% (eaaasy!)

Anyway, I’ve currently been working in a non-driving role at Manchester Airport for nearly 3 and half years and really need to get out of that industry and get on the road. The problem is i’m having worries leaving a permanent job to join an agency where i’m not really guaranteed any work. My brain’s telling me it’s not a logical thing to do, especially since i have bills to pay, i can’t afford to be sat around for weeks with no work.

Head’s Agency in Urmston/Flixton near Manchester has been recommended to me countless times so i’m thinking of starting with them if i do decided to take the plunge. Or would it be better to stay where i am and try and get a permanent job with a real company? I live next to Trafford Park Industrial Estate so there’s hundreds of companies i could kick CV’s out too.

What does everyone think?

Try and get a permanent job and keep the one you’ve got until then.

To leave a permanent job for agency work would be crazy if you can’t afford to be sat around not earning.

Some people Had Good Experience And some has bad. My thinking is. it will be hard to find a permanent job after christmas So I would stay where i am, but that just my opinion you might find yourself a permanent job even before christmas but that is a big if Cause you dont even have any experience, Why dont you stay where you are and look for the part time job to built up your confidence and experience, its not easy to drive on the road you know specially in the day time when there is alot of traffic and all, and transport is definately not there to play with new drivers they only care about there item delivered as soon as possible. Some people will differ with me but you can only do what your heart and brain says to you. Good Luck,

If you have some money stashed away then go for it. I have done the same. Rather than do a job I cannot stand I’d sooner try and get myself some openings into something I do like.

People are fearful and that fear holds tight of their lives and aspirations, what if this, what if that. Bugger that and just go for it.

I applied for 5 agency positions last week, 3 have got back to me offering work this week. I couldn’t do it as I have my CPC’s to do and I start them tomorrow (mod2). You get what you put in and as long as you sign for as many agencies as possible and are willing to travel 20 miles or so to a job you will get work if my limited experience is anything to go by. One thing I don’t want to do is get fat and I embrace doing some handball, it just so happens that this kind of work is in abundance, I even have Tescos on the horizon once I have 3 months of exp!

Now is the wrong time to join agencies. Granted, they will probably have work up until Christmas but then it will suddenly go quiet for weeks on end. I’ve been doing agency work long enough to know what I’m talking about and fortunately I’ve got a good rep that keeps me going during the quiet months (Jan-March).
Unless you are a long serving member of the agency it is unlikely you will be offered much work when it goes quiet although saying yes to everything does help it will also end up putting you off the job for life because you will get all the crap that others don’t want.

I would advise you to stay where you are for the time being because as you say, you have mouths to feed etc and need a guaranteed income and you will not get this working at agencies. Wait until at least March of 2014 and then test the waters with a bit of weekend work and build it up from there. Getting a good name for yourself with local companies is the way to keep working.

Good luck.

p.s If there is one piece of advice I will offer it is to NEVER believe a word the agency tells you. Operate with this in mind and you wont go far wrong.

or do agency work when your off from your main job ■■
me I have cut down the amount of agency staff I am using till summer now

You can have my my agency job and I’ll have your full time job at the airport :slight_smile:

were do you work at Manchester airport pal?

I have just finished a contract off with gate gourmet through agency servicing Manchester airport. not the best company to work for but gives you exp for future employers and agencies.