Laptop to tv

I watch Prem football streaming on my laptop, is there anyway that I can connect laptop to tv so I can watch the matches on my tv ,it is 4yrs old if that is relevant.
Please go easy on the tech jargon as I am not that advanced on it :blush: :smiley:

Has your TV and Laptop got any of these? on each piece of equipment.

The Blue socket is called a VGA 15 pin socket and is the easist way to link a PC to a TV

The White Socket is called DVI and is more modern.

Newer TV sets normally have one or the other but may also have the newer HDMI slots which are like a Tapered USB port.

I use a laptop at home to watch MOTO GP and Speedway on the Eurosports Player. It costs me £2.99 per month

BT Sport is *free and is adding more sports next year. (*Free to BT Broadband Subscribers)