Langdons Barnsley

Evening folks,

Anyone worked for the above? As to what they’re like to work for etc.


Jonny :sunglasses:

When my old firm went ■■■■ up most of the drivers went there.
All I know is there is loads of pallet truck work.

They part of the “chill net” & operates much like pallet net, albeit moving chilled & frozen pallet around. Barnsley acts as a local distribution hub, & along with various other hubs, they trunk the combine loads between each other for redistribution. Barnsley covers the sector east of the Pennines, south to the N.Mids, and north towards the north east.
Many years ago when they 1st opened up that depot I applied for, and was offered a job there, but declined it. Everyone who was offered a job had a clean licence, such was the volume of applicants that they where able to cherry pick those with clean licences. What the job is like now I`m unsure