Lane Widths

Why are motorway lanes so narrow?

It seems to me that there would be less accidents if the lanes were 2 foot wider. It would give a bit of room for error, being blown by the wind etc instead of being blown into another lane.

Are they still the same width as 40 years ago, when there were a lot less cars on the road?

Motorway lane standard width is 3.65 metres, reducable to 3.14 metres where restrictions occur. That’s from memory, I’ll check that and post again if not.

i dont like those narrow lanes when you come onto the m60 at manchester from the m62 heading towards leeds.

If you think those are small…try the lanes at the peage toll on the continent…literally inches either side…really gotta get lined up before entering one…have clipped the mirrors a few times…another annoying thing is on the brittany ferries ships…they park you up so tight that sometimes you cant even open any door…and its back to pushing your mirrors in again as well.