Lack of Confidence!



Tipper Tom:
Ring TJ Transport get on tippers at night. Starry there and then leave once you’re confident. It’s a piece of cake work and they love ex squaddies

Thanks for that, will do. Id already sent my CV to pink skips but will try those guys :laughing: Its amazing how many companies don’t actually advertise who they are and that they need drivers. It appears that first point of contact for them is agencies who recruit you then that company offers you a job then they have to pay the recruitment company to buy you out? :confused:

Its Interesting as well that in the two Interviews I’ve been to, I’ve been the smartest dressed :laughing: And they haven’t bothered looking at my qualifications just my licences :confused: I hadn’t had an Interview for 24 years so maybe that is normal.

I work in recruitment (don’t hate me) and you’re dead right, most haulage firms don’t advertise. There are several reasons, it is expensive, you don’t always get a good response (because of the ‘shortage’) and there are no doubt dozens of agencies crawling all over them on a daily basis touting for business, so agencies are often the easy option.

Just because a firm isn’t advertising though, doesn’t mean they’re not taking on. If you want to do it directly, I’d suggest you pick the type of work you want (ie tipping, supermarkets, etc), draw a circle on the map where you can realistically start from and identify the firms in that area that suit what you want. Then, ring them all… ask them if they’re taking on. A lot rely on agencies because they have to… having said that, some like the flexibility and the ‘issues’ of employment being taken away from them, so they might direct you to the agency that they use… which is a start at least!

Be careful when selecting an agency, look at their client base and make sure you’re happy with it. As much of anything will come down to how honest and decent the Consultant is at the agency.[/quot

Thank you for that reply, Interesting to know and luckily I have been picketing the local firms within a commutable distance :confused:
Fingers crossed something turns up soon.