Hi. Can anyone recommend good quality lasting laces for my boots. The ones that come with the boots only last a few weeks then fall apart where they run the metal eyelets. I know it’s only a petty matter but it’s a pain. Thanks.

Go to a camping shop…

I know exactly where your coming from,had this item no. 260727471324 off ebay have lasted for over 1yr now not even fraying.

Dr Marten ones, you can get them from Ebay or

Not tried the unbreakable metal ones yet!!! Not needed to yet! :laughing:


use slipons

get hold of a pair of elasticated ones, you dont even need to undo them :smiley:

Or what about a nice pair of flip flops… :smiley:

You lot should be strung up…

I tried no end of places locally to where I live & could not get a decent set of work boot laces, & they only seemed to stock cheap rubbish laces which were barely long enough & of inadequate strength. As the op says they soon wreck on the steel hooks.

When are the makers of laces going to get their act together ? No matter which you buy, non ever come with instructions, a fat lot of good if you are late for work and don’t know where to start. :wink:
Regards. John.