L10 Cummins Head Torque

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good source or possibly provide me with the torque settings for the head bolts, also need to find the injector & valve setting sequence for a ■■■■■■■ L10, serial No 35109820.


double check this ,I can check it tomorrow .

I’ve got the gauge set for the injectors but they say the torque wrench is a better way ,

Thank you Mr Dan, That is a great start.

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I could be wrong but I did think the early l10 s had 2 heads ? And then went on to one .

The L10 uses stretch bolts to secure the cylinder head. The genuine ■■■■■■■ head set includes a gauge to measure whether the bolts are reuseable. The Injector adjustment depends on whether Top Stop injectors are fitted or not. On the top of the timing case is the engine data plate. Engines with Top stop injectors will have “T.S Zero Lash” stamped into this. Those without (PTD Injectors) will have FF-104 You should also find the valve clearnce settings on this plate Typically 0.014" inlet & 0.027" exhaust Top stop injectors are set to 6 lbin with a torque wrench or the tool which ■■■■■■■ will sell you quite cheaply. Non top stop (PTD) are set with a dti and special linkage to 0.198" travel

A 5 5 -
B 3 3 6
C 6 6 2
A 2 2 4
B 4 4 1
C 1 1 5
A 5 - 3

The sequence is above. Column one is the ABC mark on the accessory drive pulley
Column two is the cylinder with both valves closed
column three is the cylinder on which to adjust the valves
column four is the cylinder on which to adjust the injector.

This assumes you have done the job in the past and are familiar with exactly what to do, but just don’t have the settings. There is a right and a wrong way to fit the injectors , which must have new O rings fitted . It is also necessary to gently bottom the injector plunger to squeeze out fuel before attempting to carry out the adjustment.
You will not manage lifting the head on your own. I will post the head bolt tightening pattern tomorrow when I have got it scanned from the shop manual onto the computer.

Scans from ■■■■■■■ L10 Shop Manual printed 1994. Two pages per post.

Second tranche these will enlarge.



Last two. Ask if you want installing injectors and adjusting crossheads.

Hi Mr CAV, Thanks for all the great information, I have to be honest and admit I have not done a ■■■■■■■ engine for a long time, in fact the last one I done was NT290 which was in a 401 SA. I have read the notes you have posted & it is helping me a great deal, only confusion I have is the setting up of the Jake Brake I don’t think I have ever done one, also on the engine it shows on the plate inj set .025 lash & Injection timing code KY is any of this relevant & can I use the torque wrench method to set up injectors.

You are right about the head it was blooming heavy or am I getting old, thats silly I do know the answer, I am getting old.

Sorry for my delay in replying, this is due to an extremely busy DIY weekend organised by Mrs D.

Thanks Dave.

You mite need a dog leg feeler gauge if it’s got a jake on .

I Have sent a PM, but the sytem won’t let me attach more than one picture. I don’t think it’s an age thing I couldn’t lift a flat top head 20 years ago! I used an engine crane to put the heads back on a DAF in the summer. Lifting them off was enough.

The timing code will not affect injector adjustment, but the 0.25 lash will so please see the PM. Jake Brake install two pages at a time. NOTE page 111 about valve pushrods. You will need right angle feeler gauges to adjust the valves.

Jake cont’d


Info much appreciated, I was supposed to be picking the head up in the morning but I have just been told I have two JCB head issues to sort out, So it gives me a couple of days to study the manuals.

Mr Dan, dog legs feelers dug out and in the van.

Thanks all Dave.