L PLates on tipper

Was travelling along the Wrexham bypass earlier , I saw a rigid tipper with L plates on the back . It was cruising along at 55 ish mph , anyway I had a glance over as I was overtaking :wink: .
There was a very nice looking young lady driving with the boss or whoever in the passenger seat ,
She obviously had a good tutor as she flashed me in when I had a decent gap , I did quite an elaborate indicator ’ thank you , in return :stuck_out_tongue:
Only thing was , a couple of miles further on was as a scamera van on the bridge above the road , hope they saw it in good time .
Hope she gets a few hours proper tuition and sticks to the speed limits on her test and isn’t tempted to flash anyone in :grimacing:
Good luck tho ■■ :blush:
( I think I might be in love :grimacing: )

Mikey you tart,that would have been Davina…otherwise known as Dave,he likes to drive around in a blonde wig,I’ll tell him you you’re interested and point him your way I’m sure you two will fit together just fine.
Never one to stand in the way of true love me :grimacing:

Hope the camera didn’t clock you shag or was you in the car?

Dave/Davina well I’m not fussy :stuck_out_tongue:
Must of been her (his) brunette wig day tho :wink:

Did get the thumbs down signal , so no joy for the scamera operator :smiling_imp: