KM/l to MPG?

Does anyone know of an easy formula for converting this?.

I want to try and find out what i,m getting but i havent got a clue when it comes to Kilometres per Litre!!!.

We-ll…there are 1.61km per mile, and 4.54 litres per gallon…so work it out from there… :open_mouth:

Alternatively…try THIS :grimacing:

The Km/l figure multiplied by 4.54 diveded by 1.61 (KM/L x 4.54 ÷ 1.61)

There’s some more maths to be done to get it really simple, multiply the Kilometres per Litre figure by 2.82.

That’s easier to remember.

It’s based on the correct conversion constants;

1 Kilometre = 0.6214 Miles

1 Litre = 0.22 Gallons (UK)

Nice one Sheeter, that’s even easier, I’ll remember that.

Now you should all be good europeans and use metric. Afterall they have gone to the trubble of putting Km onto speedometers, and selling fuel in litres :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I found the link that Lucy posted easier!

Ok i tried lucys thing and it says im getting 82.7 mpg quite impressive as its a little bit more than i get in my car, i think i done something wrong there :blush: .

I done 196k and used 57 litres.

Doing it sheeters way i got 9.69mpg so thats not at all bad.

thanks for the input folks :slight_smile::).

Of course, if you want Miles/Gallon US, you use the multiplier 3.6 instead of 4.54…

Another unit which seems to be quoted more often now is litres per 100km (if you talk with a European driver that’s what they’ll always quote).

If you want a conversion divide 282.48 by the number in question and you’ll have your result, so when a German driver tells you his Actros is doing 33 he means its getting just over 8.5 to the (UK) gallon.

Those Germans! Do they still measure tyre pressure in atmospheres?

this is easy, i do this all the time.

take the 196 kms, multiply by (x) .621 equals (=) 121.72 miles

then the 57 litres, multiply by (x) .220 equals (=) 12.54 gallons

then divide the 121.72 by the 12.54 and it comes to 9.71 mpg.

very good fuel returns unless it’s a car or small van or your running empty everywhere.

As coffee says the Germans do it as how many litres per 100kms as do most other European countries. But once again the plastic Germans (Dutch) have to be different and they use how many kilometres per litre :open_mouth: :unamused: