Kip App? Anyone used it?

Afternoon all,
New member to the site so hello to you all :slight_smile:

Just read a little article in Truck and Driver about he ‘KIP app’ Think it was last months issue.
Just wondering if anyone has used it and if so what groups are there to join? Think it was last months issue.
Do these groups only share their points amongst the group or for all users?

Cheers for any comments

Not seen it, not used it.
Is it free? Give it a try for yourself, but like any tech, use it with care, remembering there’s no comeback on creators of free apps if you get BS info

Having watched the promotional video, it didn’t make me think “I must have that”, but it did seem to answer your question about groups sharing points

Yer its free as far as i can see, haven’t actually used it yet.
Will just keep it in mind should i find anyone who has a group set up to join.