Kenworths in the UK

To continue wre i left off>> The dolly is custom made, as for this all to work & get every inch out of the legal length laws it took me a year to fiquire it all out, I made cardbord cut outs with brass envelope pins for the pintle hitch & 5th wheel points. as on papaer you can work out the dimensions but will it connect when turning with a full load of hay & how far can you over reach going around a bend & up a hill at the same time!!! Then there is all the different laws for how far this can be from that :confused: so the dolly (I have two) one on air & one on steel. the tounge is 11’ from eye to 5th wheel pin, I had each registerd and plated. This way i can hitch to any standard trailer upto 40’. I am thinking of looking for a 4000 gallon milk tank that i can get fitted with twist locks & a SS trailer then when not loaded with Hay I can run as a Tanker on milk runs or wine runs as there is a lot of vineyards on VI. The back end of B trains normaly go for quite cheap at auctions as nobody wants a 36’ trailer but for me it would work well. As & when i find more pictures i will add them. I have some of just the dolly somewhere. I wish i could run it in the UK, I could do all sorts of stuff, fridges, tanks & flats. I am thinking of how to fit a Moffat on the back but be high enough to clear the drawbar. I have worked all sorts of jobs from the UK, but one of the best (for me) was a farmer near Andover, Morris Mansbridge Hay & straw dealer. He had an old Volvo F6 the sort with a huge dog box, anyway this was a real pile of junk, just legal :unamused: he would throw bales of hay in the cab, "Drop that off at so & so its a sample! the seat was knackerd the dash dident have a screw left in it just cable ties, it was a wagon & drag, leave andover 4 am with straw to devon & cornwall tip then reload with Hay & back in time for last orders, it kept me fit & the girlfriend in hay for her horse. But the most usefull thing was that i learned all about hay. I never actually bougt the truck to get into trucking, it was as a means of buying Hay at a reasonable price to sell to my other customers, that being the other part of my business, An Equestrian centre. but with the bank pulling the plug just as i had invested everything into the project , they left me only 75% compleated, fortunatly the truck was all paid for & a years insurance on it. The ins was over $20’000 as i was a new business i had no background (in Canada) to get discount on it , but i shall not give up yet. In the UK i started trucking after the Army. Started at RT Keedwell, ( in a pile of junk, the yard shunter, i used to do all over UK in that) then i went to holland, then Cyril Knowles and quite a few years on Ralph Davies, ( In the early days when we had Microwave cabs, 8 hours sleep in ten minuits) Then a few years back overseas ( Balkans & Africa in War zone trucking) ok back to work. cheers jj

Just another few pictures. Some jobs are off road, the logging roads are not so bad but the reservation ones are terrible. The sheeted load is 900 bales of Hay, all Hay loads have to be sheeted for the ferry, as well as the 1200km trip back from AB.



I’m looking at buying an early 80s Kenworth K100 with a GM 8V92 from the States to keep as a show / hobby truck.

Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with Detroit dealers, parts, maintenance etc over here in England and how difficult or not it is running a GM in the UK…? Also wondering whether I might run into problems with emissions levels given the oil and smoke that the old GMs spew out…

If anyone has any experience of this at all I’d much appreciate you sharing with me a bit of what you know…


just some thing to dream about or even consider buying one. A link to KW100 for sale in the US & Canada. … dlgrp=K100

Cheers JJ

Here’s my mate’s KW

Here’s my mate’s KW

seen that on flea bay tonight

One of Feddericci’s (sp) was heading towards the Tunnel on the M20 yesterday morning. Number 98 i think


Here’s my mate’s KW

seen that on flea bay tonight

Oh :open_mouth: he’s not said owt about selling it

knew i had a pic somewhere of a KW, taken at clackett lane services

Evening all, Saxonhorse, late reply to your 01. 08. 11. Viewed your website, and as a well past sell by, tired worn out old chap, would suggest the following strategy. When you have built up a bit of capital, invest it in the Equestrian and hospitality Enterprise, its got far more potential in earning, and return on capital terms than anything connected to running lorries on hire and reward traffic. If you wish to develop the hay side, either rent ground, and grow your own, or contract growers to you, on a fixed agreed rate. Develop your local retail business, and anything over a certain radius use sub contractors for deliveries. Do your locals on a "hot shot", cheap to run vehicle, and charge a premium rate but give the client a premium service. ie place, stack, bales into storage. Keep your K100, as a flagship, or mothball her, untill running her is viable. I well realise the amount of effort you have put into her. Oh, my own business, primarily arable, 2010, 8000 small bales retail, mainly equestrian, 2011, should see 12000, and have just drilled a further100acres with a strong fesque. Use the Scarab as a bit of working advertising! and this old chap does enjoy driving her! Good luck to you, its not easy, but believe me it is more viable than lorries, (even if they get into our blood)! Cheerio for now, and keep safe.

Not quite a KW heres a Pete I photographed just the other day.(more to come). regards kevmac47

Here is a pic of my best mate’s uncle’s Kenworth. Owner of BJ Harris & Sons (Southampton).

there are several KW’s and Peterbilts belonging to the ‘American Circus’ parked next to the A5 at Hinckley,Leics.,as we speak.

More please :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

More please :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

There is a company nr Scunthorpe that imports American trucks R&

I.t.s transport in northamptonshire own that, I seen it in their yard, beautiful truck

Speech House Forest of Dean 2016.
Kenworth CVRTC IMG_9996

Two Steve Glover photos, 1979 and 1989 models snapped at Heskin Steam Fair 2014.

Kenworth 1989 Steve Glover at Heskin Hall 2014 14787739967_70d37285ac_o