Just some advice

Hi Guys,

As some of you know I am and want to do my C+E in the coming months. Would you guys think it was a good idea to phone a few companies and volunteer to wash trucks, clean up yard etc just get some experience in the yards?


Fraser :wink:


Ask if they need anyone to help out & pay you so that you can learn

Know of a young lad who started working in a yard at 15 then company put him through his test now 22 driving all over in a fairly new volvo ( they change them every 3-4 years ) & yep he got paid to help out in the yard

Yes,i would do that,as you have got a foot in the door.If a driver leaves,you are ahead of the queue.
Also,you get to hear of any jobs going from visiting drivers.
In the yard,you can practice the skills.