Just So As You Are All Aware

As Irlamsdriver I was banned from this site for sending a Pm to a moderator which said, and I quote - ‘Sod off’.

I will not be abe to post anything further but thought that as I had been accused of been verbally abusive I would allow members to see exactly what it was I said. I have been told that unless I apologise to the moderator in question and swear allegiance to the mighty TrucknetUk forum rules I will be unable to post - well tough

Sod em all

thats outrageous

Well, if you hadn’t been so tetchy on the original thread by dictating what everyone HAS to call you or you’ll throw your dummy out then it wouldn’t have come to this would it :question:

In case you’re not aware, the moderators and owner of this site all drive for a living too and can really do without having to supervise seemingly immature individuals such as yourself 24/7. Saying that to a moderator is never going to go down well is it :question: You’ve only got yourself to blame and perhaps you’re better off away from the site until such a time comes when you can take as well as you can give and perhaps… GROW UP :question: … Lighten up for Gawd’ Sake. Hell, you could have been called a lot worse :exclamation:

And looking at what you’ve put on all the recent threads then it’s clear you have a large mental problem going on that you need to seek urgent help for.

Failing that, perhaps you’ve got lost looking for the right forum ? The one entitled “Kids forum” is the one you want. :laughing:

GROW UP :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

I think an IP block is due Rikki :smiling_imp: :exclamation: :sunglasses: :laughing:

Rob K you are spot-on. I did consider whether to reply to this post as why should we take the bait and encourage him further.

If you can’t play by the rules then don’t play at all. :exclamation: :exclamation:


Never say die - I hope you [ZB] a hedgehog

(edited for language - :unamused: AndyM)

Don’t be horrible to him he’s my MATE :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Well done Trucknet.
I like Rob K feel you need some help, my advice would be an anger management course, if a coversation here produced that, what are you like behind the wheel of a large vehicle when you percive some wrong against you?.
My background includes Phychiatric Nursing & sufficient knowledge & exsperience to run a forensic rehab unit & I have seen first hand the damage that uncontrolled anger causes.

i agree with alan on this one

  1. i do not condone the fact of abuse towrads a modor any other user within this forum no matter how small or that it may seem
    but then to read this topic and see that people using personal attacks themselves i think is just a case of pot call kettle black

and before anyone wishes to have a go at me will give u access to these few details i have worked as a chat room moderator on 2 worldwide chat rooms and have had all types of abuse thrwon at me from childish threats to even the stage of pc hacking and that information used eg. postal threats.
I just find it hard that even though people use the internet that they forget where they are Sat at a screen with a keyboard in front of them reading other peoples words.
I think that this matter should be just dropped and if irlam’s/nsd does not wish to post any further then that is his choice but for the whole of trucknet to be against him then that is wrong and i doubt if even Mr Trucknetuk himself would want that as this is his Business and that to be seen as a You’re ok as long as you are with us brigade will not do him any favours

Never Say Die has has his posting rights removed (Again)

They will stay removed until Irlams Driver apologises to the Unpaid Volunteer Moderator and confirms that he will stay within the terms of use of this site. At that point he can decide which user name he wishes to resurrect.

This thread serves no real purpose and therefore will be locked forthwith :wink: :wink: