Just passed your test? Stand your ground!

I passed on Friday 2nd August 2013. I heard all the talk of 2 years holding the licence and then last 6 months experience or no one will give you a chance. I was told by 3 of my agencies that I will never get a job driving class 1. The 4th agency said they would try to get me in at a specific client and that is who I am with now. However I have put my CV about to all local haulage/Logistics companies in my area on the day I passed and have had 3 offers of full time employment. Now I am not naïve and would wager that these full time jobs would have been covering for the holidays and drivers going sick. Possibly a good chance that in October or maybe a while later they would say thank you and goodbye but you still have gained experience and contacts.

Stand your ground and go for what you want to do. Don’t let agencies dictate what you must do. The 3 agencies who told me to carry on for them all had multidrop and work that no one else wanted. Needless to say these agencies did not get their wish :smiley: The point is though is that I am driving class 1 now because I was available to chase the jobs. If I had completed this week as I started on Monday with Viamaster with 12 hours of multidrops all over the place I would not have had time to look elsewhere and may have settled for that as my destiny.

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