Junction 26 Waltham abbey Save a truckstop

just a recap
here for 1st time
parking area needs sorting, to many pot holes
food was ok, hot and well cooked
place was clean
could have a pint
didnt use showers ,did that before i left last place
cost £22 includes meal and 2 hot drinks
got free wi fi

pretty good but a tad noisy from m25 but will stay here again unless i lose derv or get curtains cut overnight.

I quite often park elsewhere locally nr the canal @ waltham abbey for one but pop in for a shower and food which alongside the usual predictable menu is some excellent variety last time I had 2 smoked haddock fillets with2 poached eggs on toast and a cuppa for a fiver they didnt charge me for the shower either . Yes the yards dusty yes it has potholes but an honest price and service that deserves support …

Use it or lose it …

hi not stop there for a few years . the food was good a plenty off it but the showers were a ■■■■ hole , and the lorry park was very pot holey… :astonished: :astonished:

Barry barnett:
hi not stop there for a few years . the food was good a plenty off it but the showers were a [zb] hole , and the lorry park was very pot holey… :astonished: :astonished:

so stop there now and see the difference…no use commenting on something thats a few years old :unamused:

Was week-ended there this week,6pm Tues to 6pm Weds.Good food,clean showers and toilets.Parking was very muddy when I arrived,was a dustbowl by the time I left.Still some very bad potholes. £44 for parking :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: The £22 fee only covers you for 18hrs.At least I got 2 "free"meals :laughing: :laughing:
Would stop there again,finances permitting :laughing:

I like the place and the new cafe block looks great.

I park there regularly, better than south mimms by far, food is great can have a pint only downside is the yard some massive potholes but they have started to be filled in never lost any diesel,oh and toilets not brilliant but there useable

Opened in November 2004 to cater for the needs of local drivers for a suitable rest facility. South Mimms to the West and at the bottom of the A1, was at busting point; owned and operated by Welcome Break. Generally not liked by the trucking fraternity

Due to planning constraints within the Green Belt, Junction 26 was opened with the minimum investment. A temporary surface, three large protections put together to provide a basic facility where by drivers can park overnight, receive a hot meal and shower all for £12.50 a night; now that’s CHEAP!

Sixteen months later the operators of the cafe have ironed out the crinkles. The temporary surface is regularly maintained and is holding up well. We cater for 115, and an ever increasing overnight customers a week, countless daily stops for breakfast and lunch or just the usual taco break.

Due to the success of the facility it has given us confidence to invest in the site.

The local planning department seem to be warming up to the idea. Also, it offers a solution to parking HGV’S in Honey Lane. Our proposals are to submit a planning application to accommodate a new cafe, shower and rest facility in one of the old farmers cottage.

The site has had its problems all of which the site manger Dave seems to have overcome. Most interestingly a recent spate of curtain slashing. It is not often you actually catch a criminal in the act but to catch two is a stroke of luck! For the local police to arrive on time in London is a miracle. No less than six squad cars chased the assailants, arrested and impounded their van parked in Honey Lane with 50 Stanley blades in the back. Two unwelcome pests Dave has been trying to catch for a month, finally got what they deserved!!!


A copy of our plans are attached; they incorporate a new shower/toilet block and cafe in the downstairs of an existing farmers cottage located to the rear of the site. At the front there is our on site security, directly in front of the proposed new entrance, which will be wider, with a left turn in and out only.


We need your support. The application was registered in the week 9th March, and is out for public consultation until 2nd April. So all of you whom email or write letters of support to Epping Forest District Council would be very much appreciated.

Please click the link below

Planning application Ref No EPF/0365/07

eppingforestdc.gov.uk/af3/an … eToolbar=1

Many Thanks Junction 26 junction26.org/

Hey this truck stop is fantastic… i use it when out on patrol… ok im not in a truck however its clean cheap and good tasting food… back the claim!

DUMP say no more

DUMP say no more


THATS HARSH! Fairly regular stop of mine. I like it. Long may it be open.


DUMP say no more


And South Mimms and Thurrock are sooo much better :unamused:

The food is really good :sunglasses: but the parking can be awkward at night though

I usually just park by the canal in Waltham Cross.

Only been in there once didnt like it so south mimms for me breakfast now when passing

Its not often i withdraw my previous statements, but i’m so very sorry to say that the high standards that i praised up before have slipped. I’ve actually avoided the place which is a great shame. Have the people running this cafe rested on their laurels too early? Or did i just catch it at a bad time? Its not that i’m fussy, i spend a lot of time at red lodge! :laughing:

Only been in there once didnt like it so south mimms for me breakfast now when passing

i used this place a couple of time s and seemed ok . then i went in early one morning while the girls were preparing breakfast in there outdoor gear no change of clothes no washing of hands before starting work no removal of outdoor footwear need i go on put me right off aint been there since

Stayed there 04/07/2011, cost £22.00 and that gives you a free meal valued at £6.15, food was ok nice size portion and hot, showers ok, toilets a bit stinky and only 2 sinks so a bit busy at times. Only real downside was the fact that its a gravel and dusty surface to park on and when you go to use the facilities you have to keep your eye out for dust clouds blowing through the park but it was a hot windy day.

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What happened to the 2010 annual report?

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£22 :open_mouth: