John Mann International

Hi there. Here are a few pics from the above firm. My dad (pictured in one) drove for them for about 12 months prior to their move from there base in Heckington, to Sleaford until they began heavily laying staff off. The first 6 or so are Daf’s that he drove (an Iveco Eurotech Wagon & Drag is unfortunately omitted), the rest from around their depot were for research for a 1:24 scale model project I had on the go at the time.

Cheers, & appologies for the picture qality - there were scanned images from a disposable camera. Regards, Chris.

nothing wrong with them pics mate is he he still going john man■■?

Don’t think so mate, thought I read on here (pos North Africa thread?) that Manno’s sold out to one of the larger Dutch outfits that did North Africa. Bit of a shame that. Apparently, violence from neandertholic locals & third world country conditions aside, the job was a bit of a doddle. Rates were’nt much good so my dad said. Their wagons were all so rough - probably clinging to their MOT! It seemed like they bought all 2nd hand when they were a few years old, rather than leasing like so many are now.

Ask your Dad if he knew Big John who used to be a driver then in the 90s was the warehouse manager at Heckington. As TM of Toray Texliles in Nottingham I used to have to book my wagons in with him to deliver rolls of fabric and we had a few tussles on the phone if we didn’t get the time right. :laughing:
Then in 1996 i had had enough and went back on the road for the same company and at last got to meet him when delivering to them. We got on very well and I saw him often. He began to ask me if I had done the right thing in switching back and before long it became clear that he had diesel fever. :unamused: :wink:
Next thing is I was delivering in there and saw him about to leave for Maroc in his wagon, he had taken the plunge, but it didn’t last long. He was fed up, not with the road but a bit with JM and he didn’t like Maroc. :open_mouth:
In '99 I came to live and work here and one night I pulled into a routier south of Paris and there were 2 Denby wagons on the park. Didn’t take long inside to spot the drivers, there was Big John with his mate at the bar. :slight_smile:
Small world. :laughing:

I did a couple of trips to Maroc through an agent. I met some good lads. Where is Frog :stuck_out_tongue: ? He had an FL10 and think he worked for the same company as Big John as a subbie

Dave Kite looked after me, as did the local ladies in Tangiers. :smiley:

If you come across the ZB known as The Snowman who nicked 50 quid from me and the fat ZB sat and watched me struggle to build a tilt on the dock.

Tell him it is not too late to give me the money back. :angry:

they are good pictures! got any more, i would like to see them if you have!