Jobs in Nottinghamshire

Just moved to Nottingham and searching for class1/2 jobs in the area. Have EU lisence with no UK experience. Where can I get a decent job with 10 years on the road


These are good starting points.

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Xpo on the radius contract are setting on.
£10.28 straight through
Time and a half on Saturday
Mon-Fri days
Nights out

MBT near Trowell

Depends how far you want to travel, but Martyn Barratt Transport is a good one for being left alone and is pretty close to Nottingham. It’s one of my personal favourites even though it’s an hour from here and you never seem to hear from them (at least on agency).

Taylors are very likely to take you on, either books or agency but have always thought you have to “fit in” there (couldn’t do it permanent myself) even though most of them are actually nice people. The place does seem to be complete chaos mind you most of the time, but you kindof get used to it.

A little closer to you is also Griffins Transport between Tuxford and Ollerton who do pallets, but have overnight trunking too. Decent people there and handy as it’s just up the road from me.

Further up there’s CS2 fridge trucks off J29, then RDS and Elddis in Worksop. RDS is also fridge whereas Elddis is pallets.

Might need to go agency to start with, but then could get a foot in the door with any of the above. Those are the only ones I know of personally.

Oh thank you all. I really do appreciate this

Still looking for either class 1/2 any ideas?

Still looking for either class 1/2 any ideas?

What’s wrong with what we’ve suggested? What did they say when they knocked you back?