Job with stobart

had my class1 just over a year now and not been using it full time as i have my own transit and been working with that but been doing class1 work on and off throughout the last year, last monday i filled in an application form online for eddie stobart and sent it, that afternoon they rang and invited me to a driving assessment friday (yesterday) so when i got there i was presented with a form to fill in covering 21 questions on drivers hours, healh and safety etc then a further 20 odd road signs on the back page, :open_mouth: anyway the guy says can i fill it all in to the best of my knowledge and if i dont get at least 15 correct out of the 21 questions thats it, home i go, so anyway i got 18 out of the 21 and 18 out of the 20 road signs correct, so off we go across the yard to the truck for the driving assessment, we went out for about a 10 mile drive and back into the yard, he told me i had passed the assessment and i was then getting an interview with the transport manager, in i went nervous as hell but he was a down to earth guy and it went well, he offered me a job there and then after asking me loads of questions, so i am chuffed to bits and start in the new year!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done mate and good luck in your new job. I must admit my experience of Stobarts on the motorways have all been positive upto now. The drivers seem to be very courtious on the roads. Hope your the same :smiley:

Nige :slight_smile:

:laughing: thanx for the encouragement, i’ll try to be :slight_smile:

Congratulations mate :wink:

:lol: thanx for the encouragement, i’ll try to be :slight_smile:

Which depot are you working from or are you DSS?