Job sites

What job sites do people use on here for well erm funnily enough job hunting? :smiley:

At the moment I use this is … And indeed just wondering if there’s any others worth using.

none of them they all seem full of agency work i think the only way is put in the leg work knock on doors with your CV in hand

Door knocking is kind of difficult when you allready work full time, have been phoning employers but when you leave your contact numbers do they really ever call you back or is your number chucked in the nearest bin?

If you search for jobs online, you always see the top links heading for places like “indeed” or “JobisJob” etc, which are full of agencies trying to reel people in to sign up for regular shifts that don’t materialise, so they’ve got a buffer of spare new drivers to cover “no shows” and the like.

In the past 2 years, I’ve seen only 5 actual proper jobs at yards advertised:

Shakespere, Castledean, Staplehurst,Nobbies,and Butlers. Whilst some of them had more than one full time vacacy at a time, I’m just demonstrating that proper full time jobs are as rare as rocking horse crap. :frowning:

It’s worked for me in the past a couple of times, it’s always worth a try. Send out loads of CV’s and a covering letter by post rather than e-mail, most of them didn’t reply but I have had phone calls back on the occasions I was looking for work … if you’re in the right place at the right time etc …

I recently signed up on just to keep an eye on things in other countries. I must say though in the last five years I’ve had three jobs, all of them by just walking into an office and enquiring.

Try Gumtree jobs. There are some good ones on there sometimes. Also a load of ■■■■ ones too! :confused:


This is whats available at the local job centre. is not bad

I wish there was a filter on that where you could shut out everything you didn’t want:

Range of job from home postcode: 15 (without me getting jobs in Basildon, Southend, etc)
Type of job required: FULL TIME ( :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ) you know what I’m gonna say here!
Wages required: (rather than be told “satisfies government legislation for minimum wage requirements”)
Start time range required: (I’ve got no problem with being flexible, I just don’t want stupid O’clock starts all the ■■■■ time!)

Jobcentres have become like Dating agencies. You’re given the impression there’s “Lots of jobs all the time”, but in fact it’s one or two people pretending to be a whole crowd of people to encourage you to sign up… SO your data can be sold to some third party who’ll want to fiddle you out of cash, dangling a “possible job offer” as bait. :imp: :imp:

How come these ■■■■■■■ agencies :smiling_imp: get away with advertising jobs that dont exist? Why does it not come under mis.reresentation rules, surely there must be some comeback on the ■■■■■■■■ from a legal point of view. For example if you see jobs advertised as full time, contact them and sign up, you have entered into a contract with them, then if they give you two days a week because there aint enough work ( Which they knew from the start anyway) they have misrepresented the situation and therefore haven’t fulfilled their contract.
If you google The Misrepresentation Act 1987, and can be arsed to trawl through it all (I can’t :unamused: ) I am sure anybody who is brave enough will be able to find something in there to take them on. It’s time that somebody showed these ■■■■■■■■ that they can’t treat you like ■■■■ after all.