Job Interview

I’ve got an interview in a couple of weeks for a HGV driving job. I have driven before but for the last couple of years I’ve been doing some other things along with doing some agency driving work. I left my last job because I basically didn’t like the company I worked for and their shift pattern. I then took an extended break abroad. I intended finding a better job on my return and not neccessarily in driving. But it hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve found it quite difficult to find permanent work. Anyway, I’ve now been offered an interview which I don’t hink I’ve ever really had before for a driving job and am feeling a bit nervous. I’ve been told the interview will be around 30 minutes. :open_mouth: Have any of you had driving job interviews? What do they tend to ask? I’m a little concerned about explaining my leaving my last full time job as the real reason would involve being critical of my last job…something I’ve been told you should never do at an interview. Any ideas on how to get around this? Lastly…what kind of questions should I ask them in order to try and impress? Thanks.

Be honest and bring your PPE stuff. Interviews can end with a drive so if you have your driving gear then you’re set. Might be worth getting some spare straps as well, shows you’re prepared.

If you didn’t like the shift pattern, try to find a positive way of presenting this.

For example, you know the importance of a good work/life balance for healthy living, and you found that your previous employer’s needs did not fit with your own so they were no longer a good match and it was better for both for you to move on. You are hoping that your new prospective employer will be a better fit because…

Then you just complete the sentence with some fact or other that you have gleaned from researching them on the internet, or questioning folks on this forum about them etc.

make the emphasis on what you did abroad, you left to move on to/ further your career in?? etc.
my best advice is wear shiny boots, trousers, shirt and tie. take hi viz and gloves, look him/her in the eye when talking and pronounce everything properly. try not to say, ‘like’ or ‘you know’ or ‘at the end of the day’. Show pride in yourself, be positive about yourself without being bigheaded emphasize your good points. if there is a chance they will see your car, make sure it is clean and clean inside too, when you get out of it, pretend you’ve seen a little mark on the door and give it a little wipe!! showing you take care of your vehicle can’t hurt when they are letting you out in one of theirs! I employed people for the last 20 years and the most impressive candidates were smartly presented, well spoken and had a positive outlook. Smile, but don’t crack jokes! Try to have a C.V that’s well written to hand and if they want you to fill any forms, try to make sure your spelling is correct. to many people came to me with an ‘its only a plumbing job’ or ‘i’m only driving’ and let themselves down. good luck with it.

Thank you for all your suggestions so far. I like the advice for cleaning the speck off the car. Really made me chuckle. But it’s a part of the performance I have to do. Thanks.

Never needed a CV for an interview

Turn up on time clean smart but tbh you are worrying over nowt be honest listen to what they have to say prob wont ask why you left last employer then ask them a couple questions