Job interview with Waitrose as trainee driver


I have a job interview as a trainee driver with Waitrose next month. If anyone has any tips for the interview please could you share?

Additionally there is a driving assessment. I’m assuming this would be in a normal car?

I am looking to change jobs and get into trucking. Is a place like Waitrose a good place to be or are there any better alternatives, such as doing the training myself and looking for work via agencies? I am led to believe that the hourly rate whilst training is £10.50, and starting rate when/if fully trained is at £12.58.

Thank you for reading and any help is appreciated.

No idea what this would be like, but you might expect them to ask you what you know about the industry you’re wanting to get into? What do you know already?

Thankfully, “Rog’s whopper list of training tips” appears to have survived the forum’s metamorphosis, I’d suggest that could be an excellent place to peruse over a big cuppa - or, if you’re as young as I suspect you might be, a cold can of Monster might be more your poison

Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. I will read the link you have provided.

Unfortunately I do not know much about this industry. I have been driving a taxi for 8 years and I want to get out of it, moreso since COVID.

Thank you for your help.

The minimum wage for those aged 21 and over is going up to £11.44 an hour in April.

If the position includes going on funded training to get your licence and also getting trained on the job, it may well be a very good option. The job may well come with a stipulation that you stay for a certain amount of time or pay something towards your training if you leave though.

Of course once you are a fully-fledged driver and there are no penalties for leaving, you can apply for what you like based on whatever criteria you have, eg pay rate, location, hours, work life balance etc etc.

Yes, Waitrose fund the training and they state it is done over 13 weeks. It is part of their ‘Driver Academy’.

Thank you for your reply.

Is this at Milton Keynes ? If so it will be GXO that run the show there

Additionally there is a driving assessment. I’m assuming this would be in a normal car?

From what I am aware, when we were doing some warehouse to wheels training going out with an assessor in a car was part of the selection process.


Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for confirming and thank you for your reply.