job cuts

HDNL yesterday told its staff that 669 of them are going to be made redundant

are these based in South Liverpool, i am sure i have seen them around there a lot

Yep, based in Speke - got about 7,000 employees, half of whom are drivers.

not good news…i dont like hearing that anyone is getting made redundant. Just hope they dont get screwed on the redundancy package & they find jobs quick.

hdnl ?

hdnl ?

Home Delivery Network Limited

looks like ex GUS Littlewoods spin off

all ex littlewoods now transport run by reality, they use alot of agency drivers nowdays

HDNL is a nationwide parcel delivery company formed by the merger of Reality White Arrow and Littlewoods Business Express. The core business is catalogue sales (GUS, Kays, Additions, Marshall Ward and Littlewoods are some of the brands) but we (I work at Lincoln Depot) also do alot of “outside business”. The problem seems to be (Outside of the Christmas rush which in 2006 was the maddest anyone has seen @ Lincoln) too many drivers and not enough parcels.