Job already

well if you dont know i passed my class 1 last wednesday and i am lucky enough to have a job already starting next monday. I am having a 03/04 plate topliner doing general haulage / tramping work . Not bad for my first truck at 21 eh. They have basically said just take it easy to start with and they will break me in gently. I have great knowledge of the uk anyway having driven most of it in the last 4 years in various vehicles . Just need to master the bendy one now.
Just to say to all newbies people will give you chances if you go and see them with the right attitude.

Good for you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well done !!

I reckon attitude has loads to do with it, if you want to work people will see this in you and it goes a long way i reckon.

Here’s hoping i have the same luck or maybe not luck just right attitude.

Well done :smiley:


well done on the job mate.

can you name the company for us or would you prefer not to?

prefer not to if thats ok . They are quite a big company in the shropshire but i dont know how they would feel if they suddenly had 20 newbies turning up looking for jobs saying " well rich said you take on new drivers " . I will keep you updated on how it goes anyway . I might even post a diary if i can work out how to upload pics lol.