Jesus, fuel prices up again!

Just had my euroshell price for next week, up from 99.08 & vat, to 103.oo & vat, UP 4 PENCE, when will this ever stop!!!

The Tm at our place showed me the latest price today , we have our own pump , and with vat its 118 a ltr :open_mouth:

The government blame the oil prices !!! Nothing to do with the tax, and you never hear the tax mentioned. only the barrel price and world economy…when did Gordon Brown change his name to jesus

Since the stratospheric failure at the local elections on the part of Labour, I think they know they are sunk at the next generals. So might as well mess everything up as badly as they can so the next government can take the blame for it, as people will so easily forget who caused the mess.

Why on earth would they want to start listening to people now, despite what they say.

They seem to think that because the rising fuel prices are due to the rise in prices of oil itself and not tax, that they have no control/responsibility.

Given that we pay a disproportionate amount of tax on fuel in this country, they could take it upon themselves to reduce the tax burden and even things out, but its far too essential to every day life and thus they would lose too much money on it. Money which is vital to service the ever increasing debt this country is getting into.

When will it stop? Never. What can be done? Nothing, about oil.

Until someone sorts their act out with alternative fuels.

And it is only going to get worse, as global demand increases, driven by the likes of China and India, you could be looking at £8 quid a gallon next year if not sooner, :cry: :cry: :cry:

This robbing rabble we have ‘in charge’ at the moment should stand in parliament with masks on and sacks on their back with ‘SWAG’ written on it.

Two facts;
1 - This government has made FOUR BILLION pounds in extra tax that they were not expecting in their budget.
2 - If they returned this unexpected windfall to the taxpayer they could reduce the price at the pump by 9pence per litre. Clearly this is a minor oversight and once they realise I’m sure all price will drop accordingly… :open_mouth: :imp: :imp: :unamused:

But they’ve got us haven’t they? If they’re not beating us over the head with ‘Da Envrionment TM’ they are robbing us blind with taxes on fuel which we need to go about our lives with. :imp: :imp: Revolution anyone? :wink:

£ 1.29 per litre at Basingstoke BP.

I would really like to know when this increase in fuel prices is going to be reflected in proportionate increase in rates.

had loads of freight fowarders ringing me. just laugh at them.rates will have to go up.keep doing the work for nowt it wont change.

i think it is time to put on hold the use of adblue,the driver cpc the nvq and yes the wtd for self employed util the cost of fuel goes back to a sensible level all these factors have come together and are making things more difficult than they need be not to mention the digi tacho and all its costs