How did your lads get on after i showed them how to use the Maut machine in Asten… forgot to tell them a couple of hours drive for me is kind of a 1day drive lol. but you Driver seemed to get it and you porter seemed to be more interested in Food lol… hope they got to berlin and back safely…

.P.S mines a Fosters

Cheers for that Joey, I haven’t had the chance to speak to them yet as I had last week off, didn’t realise they bumped into you.

Didn’t hear from them all week so assumed they were ok but Barry, the driver has spent so long just going to France, Spain, Portugal etc he virtually ■■■■ himself when I told him he was going to Germany. We don’t do a great deal there and he was like a duck out of water.

I even wrote down step by step instructions, not that it is that difficult :exclamation: :exclamation:

Anyway, thanks again, I told him to head to Asten and if there were any problems ask another Brit…it obviously worked :smiley: :smiley:

Where is your diary anyway :question:


mine will be up once i remember my password for photobucket lol… Yeh i met them in asten truck stop on tues morning i was parked up beside all the white and co boys as usual lol. Said he been out there before but didnt have a clue what to do for germany so took him throught the muat machine step by step. Let me know how they got on with it all but im sure you would of heard if there was any mess ups