JCB - Blue Arrow

Whats up people hope everyones ok!

So I have been out of work since Decemeber and I can’t find any ADR work for newbies in tanks or packages there isn’t anything!!
Even normal class 1 work seems dead at the minute, anyway I’ve just had a phone call from blue arrow and been given an assessment for next Tuesday at Rocester JCB. Towards the end of the call I obviously asked the rates to which she replied it depends which part you work out of but it will either be £8.95 or £9.95!!! She mentioned no overtime rate or nothing. Do people really work for this stink■■?
Id be travelling from burton on trent so it will be a 50 mile round trip. Anyone have any experience with working for these and know if there is any rate? This can’t be right I always thought joeys would be big cheddar.

The rate sounds about right, its not exactly a difficult job that commands exceptional pay, but if it doesn’t suit you then carry on looking for the big money!

Out of work since December and you won’t work for just shy of £10 an hour?

packages there isn’t anything!!

East midlands, with ADR, looking for work? Full of ■■■■ when you say there isn’t anything.

Try the firms around the airport, you’ll find yourself turning down work because you’ve already said your doing X day for Y

Try Forterra at measham or if you don’t mind traveling we pull out of hams hall as well on bricks n blocks some people like it some people hate it approx 36k a year m-f no weekend