So the quiet period is upon us…hows everyone holding up?

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Very well still busy

Only part-time, but agency has found work for me on the days I’ve wanted so far…early days, though, and I’m expecting it to dry up. They say tomorrow’s quiet, so I’m in a rigid instead of a bendy. Looking forward to making a total chump of myself with woeful preparation for cornering with the steering circle of a small island, and reversing the wrong way all day. :slight_smile:

Good to hear the wheels are still turning and guys are still getting work. Still seems to be work but I wonder how many of the ads for work are real and what ones are for signing guys up.

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I’m limping but that’s down to the nature of my work, as we are flat out when it’s cold. But I’ve handed in my notice for the end of the month, as I want a break for a while…

However I did speak to my preferred agency leech on Monday about how things are and he said quiet. He said he has some things that should pick up in February, but whether they materialise is another matter…

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Busy ,Started a Full time job though … :sunglasses:

Currently I’m busier than a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad. Seems to be a lot of trucks crashing at the moment or just breaking down that need recovery. Just picked one up earlier that drove head first into a unit trailer. How god only knows, driver was lucky to survive, truck dose t look so pretty mind…

In full time work, started job at start of year.

Who said it was tough for new pass to get jobs?

I had two job offers, the jobs of there if you put yourself about and show the right attitude.

I had a couple weeks off and loving it, appointment tomorrow to sell my soul to our sponsors cancelled so far at 11th hour due old place wanting me back Monday…to be honest I quite like chilling and catching up with stuff. Few places offering the odd shift but I’m getting lazy… [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

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