Jacks Hill Cafe

This cafe recieved a bong on Truckstop News readers survey recently. In February T/News the owners wrote in to say they think the driver who criticised their premises and awarded them the bong must have visited long before they took over. Well, yesterday my hubby went to check out the cafe and says he will not be going in there again. The toilets were dirty and even though there is now no smoking, the place does not look clean and as for the staff■■? Have other drivers been there recently?

I think you should have put his on the old cafes thread Liz but I may be wrong. :blush:
I have no need for this cafe nowadays but in the past I have been a regular user over the years. I myself have never really had any reason to criticise it except for the smell from the sewage works round the back at night in the summer. As for the food, I’ve always found it edible and in fact quite good compared with some other cafes. I suppose its had many owners over the years but I remember back in the early 60’s I would stop for the night every Friday with John Dean from “Deans” of Salisbury (The bulk tipper fleet). Back then John drove an Atkinson coal tipper for Wrights of Cadnam, Southampton.
The guvnor of the cafe would always lend John his car so we could go out for a drink or three. Then there wern’t many sleeper cabs if any and the beds they provided were clean and comfortable. Good old days or what ?

I have two thought thoughts on Jacks Hill At Towcester.Stopped there many years ago when they did beds.Always warm and clean.However in later years in my opinion it went downhill.Used to call in about twice a week because it was the only one open at the time I was about.The food was eatable but the general state of the place wasn’t favourable I’m sorry to say.Why was this thread not on Old Cafes? :astonished: :astonished:

Put it here cos there was another thread called Old Cafe’s on here and thought it could follow on from that. Liz