J R Payne Logistics

So I will hopefully be acquiring my class 2 in about 4 weeks. I have made phone calls in the local area about job vacancies, just to test the water and found a really friendly family run small business of about 15 trucks. This is one of them and all of there 18 and 26 tonners are like this as well. Lastly they’re really keen to get young drivers in to give them a start in the industry so will hopefully be driving there in the very near future.

But I have also found aim logistics, IDS and banisters all in my local area.

2 more from a bike ride there today.

Cant go wrong with IDS mate, great firm , and Ian and Dessy are the best blokes I ever worked for

A nicely turned out fleet Paynes. Caught a glimpse of their “show” tractor for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Very nice.